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Display Composition Value in % for a specification in WWI Report

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Dear SAP Experts,

Currently For a Product, I have some compositions maintained in PPM or other UoM. But I need the specification value from composition to be displayed in Percentage only in the WWI Report.

In the Composition ALV tab there is a field 'Value in %'. But I do not see any symbol for this field. Neither I see this field in table ESTVP.

Are there any FMs I can use as method with Symbol GESTVCOMPA?

Does anyone know in which table field 'Value in %' is stored? Then probably I can create a new symbol.

Any thoughts how can I display composition value in % only?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am sorry. You can not (in my opinion) use a "report symbol" for this field/Column direct.

The "column" which you are refering to and the content is "calculated on the fly" so it is not stored in a database field. You need to analyse this (if you are interested in) with an ABAP expert.

I am aware e.g. of a standard WWI option for handling e.g. the "on fly calculation" between "F" / "°C" / "K" (e.g. flash point) but not for the composition part.

But let us use some variant

We can have (in daily business) these UOMs:

%, %0, PPM, PPT, and PPB.

A conversion of PPT to PPB is "simple" as you will always get "0,0000 %".

So only for "%0" and "PPM" we would need a logic.

Here the logic is as well "simple". You need to generate (in my opinion) a new customer specific symbol to read "average value" or "lower value" or "higher value".

The story could run like:

Per line check of composition: if you have UOM "%0" or "PPM" and then calculate and pass back the new value to your own report symbol (the "%" can be "hard coded" in this case in the WWI template.

For PPM this is simple. If you have "1 PPM" this is "0,0001%". So anything smaller than 1 PPM is "0,0000 %"; for anything bigger the conversion is simple. E.g. 10 PPM = "0,001 %" etc. This could by done in the ABAP part linked to your report symbol

The same is true for "%0".

So i believe: by line (of a composition) you can check the UOM. If you have <> "%" you need to use the customer report symbol for calculation and passing back a value to the WWI process; if you have "%" you can use SAP standard (once again simple "IF" condition).


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Hello Christoph,

Thanks for your reply. I was able to develop a solution finally.

So I created a custom symbol which is a copy of Standard Symbol 'GESTVCOMPA'. Here I added a custom FM and set Expansion parameter as 'M' i.e. Processing method.

The custom FM Logic I built now has conversion instructions for PPM, PPB, %O. If the UoM is % then no conversion takes place.

Accordingly Below is how the WWI Output looks like 🙂



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