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Discontinuation in BOM and product costing CK11n

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HI ,

I wanted ask about case for which there is no good solution on other posts.

in BOM we are using discontinaution solution.

Material A is replaced by Material B (follow-up) material when stock of material A is finished.

All is working very good untill we run CK11n and costing. Even discontiuation date is in the past in CK11n always material A is calculated and B is never visible.

Bussines wasnt to calculate for costing materia B as it will be main material after material A will be out of stock soon.

What is the solution for such reasonable logic ?

BR Rafal

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As I understand, you don't replace in BOM. Please, replace materials with the help of tcode CS20 (mass replacement), be sure to do in the proper version (ask to your CO consultant to be aware what BOM is relevant) and then CK11N and CK40N will take material B.

I hope it helps you