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DIR creation via Solidworks and ECTR

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I have setup Solidworks with ECTR and have a question.

From SW, when I click on new, it pops up "Do you want to create a DIR", I say no and create a model which when saved is stored in Session directory. I then open it, click Import and the DIR is created in SAP and the model also checked in. This process works fine.

Now, if I click on Yes in the initial popup "Do you want to create a DIR", the DIR is generated, I create a model and save it, but it is not saved in SAP and neither checked in. If I try to open it from SAP, it says original missing. I can neither check it in nor open it.

What is the mistake here? Please provide some insight.

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Answers (2)

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Hello Gerhard,

Thanks for clarifying. I had completely missed out on this aspect... It is working now


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Hello Prashanth,

are you using the "SAVE" button from the SAP PLM ribbon in Solidworks or the native SAVE button from Solidworks?

If you are using the SAP-PLM-ribbon-SAVE, then please create an incident.

Hope this helps.