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DG Data Migration

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My client has acquired another company and they are now in the process of bringing it into SAP.  For EHS, they have decided that they only want to use the system to run DG Checks and output the data on the SD documents.  So,I do have a few questions regarding the same.

  1. Is this approach common where companies only want to use the system for DG checks/documents?
  2. Is there any drawback to not creating any specs for these materials?

Now, I also want to explain that they have all of their  DG relevant materials already classified in another system or maybe a spreadsheet (i.e. UN Number, Classification, etc...).  therefore the approach is to "manually" maintain that data in the DG master of the respective Materials. So my question for this portion is...

  1. Does SAP provide any standard tools to be able to load this data into SAP?

Thanks in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Niraj

for data migration check: ; you will find more of that here

From IT perspectuves: as long as you do understand that the generaiton of phrases is one "minimum" requirement to use DG you can go on. The main "cons" are:

a.) you must maintain any material in DG master "seperate"; this is not "best practise" as the DG process startes using EHS-BD/EHS-SAF (check on line help)

b.) therefore: based on the amount of materials you are talking about: this is "only" a challenge for the organization; but from IT perspective you can go on like this.

So regarding:

  1. Is there any drawback to not creating any specs for these materials?

Answer is "clearly": with otu specs you must maintain "more"

On the top to the thread mentioned. the only "real" option to generate a DG master is using the ALE process. Just check online help Therefore if you have the material in place you need to generate IDOCs which must be booked in your system: Then you will have a DG master (starting one; maintenance need to go on then).

If you do not use EHS-BD there is no other option in place as the "ALE" one.


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Hello Christoph,

Thank you for your valuable feedback!!!

I just had one more query regarding the ALE.  I did some research and with regards to EHS, the only documentaion is related to Specs, Phrases, and Report Templates.

I have done research about ALE in general and it definitely seems possible.  I am continuing my research, but would like to know if anyone has ever setup this type of scenario and may be able to provide some more insight.



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Dear Neeraj,

The effort to move DG master via ALE is good option when you would like to have both system connected but if migrating  data one system to another system and decommission the source system may not be worth of time and effort.

ALE is sure possible but creation of DG master  is much more difficult than update process. ALE can be more feasible task if both source and target system are SAP. We have used ALE to update the DG Master between various client but not for creation of DG master (All in SAP)

You can try some batch input program (BDC/Recording) may help and could be less tedious.

You may want to consider - Creating only specification  LS_UN_sub and DG_CL_sub  ( Dangerous Goods Classification) will put your process inline  with best Practice and provide you place holder for DG Data and make the process much more easy with minimum effort.


1.DG Fill will create DG master with one Click

2- System automatically create Phrase for Hazard Inducer and PSN while filling

3- Mass update is possible

4- Maintenance is much more easy

Hope this helps.

Gopi Dadheech

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Dear Niraj

1.) batch input program (BDC/Recording) => is not suported in EHS; there is a corresponding OSS note

2.) you searched at the wrongplace. ALE for DG is described here:  Distribution (ALE) of Exceptions to Dangerous Goods Regulations - Dangerous Goods Management (EHS-DG...

3.) option of Gopi is possible but you need to prepare customizing in core EHS; and if you do so you could ask your self: why not use EHS completely (EHS-BD + EWHS-SAF)? for solution of Gope you need at least EHS-BD.

So the only "bad" news for ALE DG would be: you need to properly generate the IDOCs needes (and you need phrases !!!)


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