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Deleting Primary Key --- High Priority -- Please help us

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There is a custom defined table which had two primary keys and then moved the same to production. Since we got some requiremnent we added two more primary keys in the table in development server. We also activated the same in Development server. Now we need to delete the recently added two primary keys. It is a most important custom table. It is not allowing us to delete.

It gives us error message about lot of dependencies and foreign key used in other tables.

Please help us resolve this issue. FULL POINTS WILL BE AWARDED FOR THE SOLUTION. please help us resolve the same. Bottle neck situation.



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Answers (4)

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Hi Siddhartha,

If you are not sorting by the primary key ( E.g. using the ORDER BY PRIMARY key ... Instead use ABAP SORT + DELETE ADJACENT DUPLICATES on an internal table, ...

This links will help you to solve your problem



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Im not an ABAPer but you can discuss this with ABAPer 1st.

Create a new table with required Keys and link it to the objects where you have linked older table.

Now try to delete the table.

Plz make sure you discuss this with ABAPer before taking any action...


Inform About solution if you get any...

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Hi Siddhartha,

You may post this issue in other forum, for example ABAP or Database, where there are more experts in such area. Especially it is a very critical change as I understood.

Kind regards,


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I don't know exactly which kind of table are you referring to or the exact message your getting, but for example, customizing for Role Functions ID have a similar problem.

You have two options here:

  • Either you change the value in all the objects you created with that ID

  • Archiving all the objects which refer to that value (although if you are on production system, that can be not acceptable)

Hope it helps!

Kind regards,