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Dangerous Goods scenario in EHS

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Hi Team,

Please write me steps involved in "Dangerous Goods" scenario.

What are the T-Codes.

What master data is required.


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Dangerous Goods - it is a sensitive area in EH&S.Dangerous goods regulations are intended to guarantee the safety of the shipments.There are certain requirements of Dangerous Goods . Based on Recommndation of the UN,the Orange Book., Where UN number are defined, Dangerous goods regulation always referes to a Validity Area.

Dangerous Goods Data Model Conains Dangerous Goods Master, UN Listed Substance and Dangerous Goods Classification.

In EH&S.,Dangerous Goods Checks starts with Customer inquiry,Create Order,Planning material requirements,Production,Picking,Shipping and Transport with Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Dangerous Goods Documents contains Delivery Note(LD00),Packing List(PL00),Out going Shipping Notification and TREMcards.

Dangerous goods regulations also specify the Dangerous goods information required for Authorities,Customers,Shipping Companies and so on(others).These Documents are the Delivery Note and the Shipping notifiaction EDI message.

For European Road Transport(ADR Regulation) and European Inland Water Way Transport (ADNR Regulation),TREMcards are created and printed in all the languages of the countries witin and throughwhich the goods are to be transported.

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Bascially we have fucntions availble as below:

Dangerous Goods ( DG) Basic Data, Master Data, DG Check, DG documents, Tools, Reporting

You will find detailed infirmation for EH&S : Dangerous Goods Movement on the URL below:

Some of the Imprtant transactions:

1. Maintain DG Master ( Create/ Change /Disppay- DGP1 / DGP2/ DGP3)

2. List DGMaster records / Packing Requirements(DGR1 / DGR2)

3. Dangerous Goods Workbench ( CGCL2)

4. Dangerous Goods Product Releases( DGPREL)

5. Tools

1. DG Master Filling ( Start / Simulate filling DGE5/DGE6)

2. DG Master Distribution (Start / Simulate distribution DGP5 / DGP5S)

6. Import Logs u2013 Check logs/delete logs ( DGP7 / DGP8)

7. Reports

1. Report Information system ( CG54)

2. Reports Management ( CG50 / CG55/ CG57)

I hope this helps you.



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Thanks Datta.

Is any step by step procedure available for EHS environment.


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- Create and adjust dangerous goods master document DGP2, - P182 (Specification in IDES, dont consume it copy and use it for your process)

- Create Sales order - VA01

- Create a standard delivery with Delivry note - VL01N

- Check Delivery Note you will see dangerous goods output