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Currency in PPM

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How to handle below scenario in PPM:-

There is multiple company code in different geographical area, so the company code currency changes.

Need to create only one portfolio and different buckets to represent different company code.

If we maintain financial planning in different currencies on different bucket then how system will roll-up to the overall value at portfolio level.



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Hi Abdul.

1.- On the Financial Information tab, you can select the currency and period breakdown for financial planning at the item level. These fields are mandatory, but the item automatically transfers the values from the parent bucket as default values when you create it.

Financial data is planned along a timeline. You can use a period breakdown for financial planning. Financial data is planned with respect to a certain currency. However, you can convert currencies in portfolio management.

You can use a currency for financial planning. Currency conversations can be calculated with PPM based on conversion rates.

2.- On the Financial Planning view you can also select the currency, and the data will be modified according to the chosen currency.

3.- The web view in the case of the bucket is the same as in the case of the item (the same as point 2).

I hope it helps you.