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Creating a consolidated dashboard with SAP MII (replacing GuiXT)

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We're trying to replace our GuiXT system in manufacturing with SAP MII. Is there a way with the native BLS functionality to "call" an SAP Tcode, like MM02?

Ex: A user sees a dashboard with various fields linked to mm02. The user changes some of the fields, hits save, and MII updates SAP to reflect the changes done by the user on the dashboard.

This is a very broad question. Please point out any specifics I would need to bring up as I don't know what I don't know.



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No functionality as such in MII, you have to build from scratch.

There are few projects available in the download section of manufacturing, they can help you understand.

Also I would recommend going through MII help and wiki to know more about the product.



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Hi Luis,

Underlying the t-codes in SAP are function modules. Many, if not most, function modules have a BAPI wrapper and are externally enabled. You can use t-code BAPI to get a list of BAPIs or SE37 to see all the RFCs (BAPIs are a subset).

So you want to perform a goods movement like MIGO, then use BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE. (I am not sure what the equivalent would be for MM02, but not sure changing material masters remotely is such a good idea anyway).

You would use a BLS transaction and the action blocks in SAP JCo Interface or SAP JRA Interface to execute the BAPI/RFC.

There are also a lot of prebuilt templates to execute a lot of the most commonly used BAPIs and RFCs in the SAP MII wiki.



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