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Create material with MARC fields in ECTR

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We are creating document and material simultaneously.We are able to fill some MARA table fields on Material tab of New Document but dont see any fields of MARC table. We also need to fill some fields from MARC table. We like to see fields of MRP’s as well to fill. What kind of setting we can do to bring MARC table fields when creating New Dcoument at Material tab. your support means a lot to me! thanxectr-material.png

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Answers (2)

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Hi Gerhard

Thanx for your suggesiton.

we have resolved with some improvements.Interestingly There were some shortcomings in the corresponding standard function.

Best regards

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Hi Koray,

can you please see also thread

On the bottom there is also an answer for an example (see class /PLMI/IF_EX_GSS_MBOM_ASSIST Method PREPARE_MATERIAL_PLANTDATA)

Hope this helps.