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Create/Change PPM Item Automatically from another Save Item

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Hello Experts,

We have 2 portfolio's in PPM System, One portfolio item created as Proposal, once proposal is approved, Business requirement is to create Item in second portfolio bucket automatically with all details entered in Proposal Item.

Again, When there will be change in first item e.g Date, It should be automatically transfer to item in second item.

I understand Item "After Save" event - Create BAPI should create Item in another portfolio bucket with all the same details.

And modify the Item during change as well through Change/Modify BAPI.
Please suggest the other ways to achieve this or this is only the solution to achieve such requirements, Will it not slow down item/change as everyone BAPI will trigger whenever there will be change.
Please also confirm whether /rpm/item_modify is the correct BAPI to achieve this requirement, will it be useful for create and change item both??


Gaurav Ahuja

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Answers (2)

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Dear Judith,

I found one Function module /rpm/Item_Modify for auto creation of Item, what is the difference in these 2 programs, Which one would suit to my requirement, could you please advise.?

Really appreciate your inputs.

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Dear Gaurav,

In Portfolio Management the functionality of BAPIs isn´t existing. This means, there exists no BAPI which can be used to create an Item in backend system. You can use program RPM_DX_ITEM to create/change an Item in the backend - without calling the frontend of Portfolio Management.

Best regards,