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Create a new specification category ?

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Hi All,

SAP delivers std specification categories, substance/packaging etc. Is it possible to create a new specification category ?

I know you'd ask me why the need ? My clients dont want to use standard term  'substance' - they dont use it in their business process.

I could not find it anywhere in config nodes or documentation.

Thanks all,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Devi.

In EH&S you use specification types not specification categories. For example the specification type REAL_SUB (substances that exist in your company) has the specification categories SUBSTANCE (behvior as a substance) and HAZARD (behavior as a risk agent) . Maybe you need a new specification type, but rarely a new specification category.



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Dear Devi

only small add on: the use of specifciation type (either SAP Standard ones or customer specific) is normal in SAP EH&S. Here you can add new specification types (but you should not change standard ones).

Specification categories should not be changed/added or whatsoever. This would be a "modification".


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Devi,

Yes, it is possible to create Specification categories in the workbench. You need to know which subscreens will be available, what data must be autofilled in, function modules to follow and everything is a program. You can perform the above if u feel it is necessary but do not complicate things creating your own. Its better if you create a copy of the standard.

Path: SPRO - EHS - Basic Data and Tools - Specification Management - Workbench - Setup workbench/Specify layouts/Adapt initial screens.