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Create a link between OT and SAP in Occupational Health T-code ESHAMBTAET

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Hi All,

Got a requirement to create a business workspace for each service in the Occupational Health part of EH&S module in Open Text. so that all the medical related documents can be kept for that medical service with respect to a person in SAP.

searched many documents of SAP and Open text and found that SAP and OT integration document that a business object is needed for the configuration, but unfortunately couldn't find any standard business object for the T-code EHSAMBTAET - Display medical service.

Tried creating a custom business object and configuring it so that it we can calling the Business content window of OT from SAP but facing errors.

If any one had such requirement or created a custom business object for SAP-OT integration or had got some solution. please share.



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Hi waliuallah,

I'm also facing same problem in EHSM module, we need to Upload document for below transactions

Waste Generator

Waste Transporter

Waste Disposer

Waste Authority

Waste Management , but unfortunately there is no standard business objects available in SAP .

OpenText recommended us to develop Custom Business Object.Please advice how to create the custom business object for this transactions.



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Dear Iridhar

please create new thread. Are we really talking anbout EHSM or not about EHS classic Waste Management? If so: do not invest to much money here. EHS Waste Management will not be part of S/4 HANA solution (same with EHS-OH: this will as well not be suported in S/4 HANA)