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cProjects-Bapi's for project and task details

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I am searching for bapis for cProjects to use in a report at back end which has all the project fields and task fields.

For project i found a bapi BAPI_BUS2172_GET_DETAIL, but it does not have fields like project name,status, calculated start and finish date from teh basic data tab, division,design center from teh additional data tab.

For task fields i found bapi BAPI_BUS2175_GET_DETAIL but it does not have task status, latest start and finish date of the basic data tab.

any pointers to bapis which cover all the above fields would be really helpful.

Also I want to know is there anyway i can get the URL of the document that is uploaded in teh documents tab of the task.



Edited by: Simmi Balakrishnan on May 2, 2008 9:13 PM

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Hi Simmi,

Some information can not be retrieved via Bapi call. If you would like to read it, you can use simple select to get it from DB directly. The related DB are cgpl_project (dates), cgpl_text (descritption), and crm_jest (for status).

Kind regards,