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cproject: direct link to a selected project

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Hi all,

i'm tryng to build up a bsp-program on SRM:

when the user push the "create" push-button, a new project is created on cProject (remote function call).

At the end of the creation process on cproject, i would like to give back to the user a direct link to the created project: the ideal goal is to create an internet link not to the default start-page of Cproject, but to the initial page of the selected project ( like if someone opens cproject and then opens the selected project).

The problem is that the web-link seems always the same both when i open cproject (starting page) or when i open any project or model ..... any idea how to create such a direct link ?

Thenks ,

Fabrizio Gemma

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Fabrizio,

I think the function module DPR_API_UI_GET_URL might help.


Vivek Pandey

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so simple ...

thanks a lot !

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