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Could you suggest me options to this Occupational health scenario?

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Hi Friends.

Could you help me?

I have this scenario:

The company hires a clinic to perform test sections and medical examinations.
The company would like to give access to the external user in an occupational health solution in portals, where they could creates the information of the exams and evaluations applied.

1) I researched and it seems that there is no occupational health in portals, is it?

2) What options can you suggest? We thought about:
a) create an authorized external user that manually creates the information of medical services,
b) create a massive data upload program

I saw that there is a standard transaction (EHSDATIMP) for loading results, but the program has no documentation.

Thank you


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Dear Albio

with S/4 HANA there is no EHS OH available any more. So until 2025 you can use SAP ERP (e.g as suggested by Mark and Jayakumar) but after that you will have problems... There is no plan ! to support EHS OH in S/4 HANA.

EHS OH discussed since years here on very low level. The interest seems to be limited. This might beone reason why SAP does not support SAP OH in S/4 HANA

Short story: Either using "BSP", "WebDynpro" or othere option in SAP: yes you can prepare anu ser interface (portal like) = But it is all your job !


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What a problem with that!

Sap shoud do something with that.

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Dear Albio

no chance. SAP EHS OH is not part (I am pretty sure will not be part) of the roadmap of S/4 HANA. Please check other providers of similarsoftware


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Dear Abibo,

Why don't you just deploy the SAP GUI Transaction that your external party would need to maintain the data to the portal?
You could do this via the SAP GUI for HTML facilitating the ITS.

Check with the Portal guys for details on how to do this.

Hope this helps


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I'm going to ask for that info to my tecnical coleagues.


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Hi Albio,

1. Yes. You are correct there is no portal content availble for SAP EHS Occupational Health Module. It works in SAP GUI enviornment.
2. I understand from the statement that Extenal person would be responsible for the entire Health Examination management like inputting the records for audiogram, physical examination etc, based on protocols.

However the data input is manual as well by import mechanism as for some examination categories import programs are not available by default.

For which you need to either give the entire EHSAMBTAET Tcode functionalities(Need to check on Authorizations as it will show all personal information) or choose an internal person to load the by means of batch job into those segments or manually upload them. I aggree those are huge text files. Such batch job based data load is not out of the box and you need a development

Now coming to providing the Medical Examination TCODE Access to outside person, you may choose to create authorized end user role who can maintain that information

For the EHSDATAIMP Transaction functionality check the ABAP report " REHSMDATAUPL_IMPORT_DATA" which is a simple ABAP report for inputting the text file.

Thanks and Regards

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Thanks Jayakumar for your help.

Kind regards