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Control of WBS in work orders

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Good morning,

I have around 600 existing work orders where WBS should have been defined with IW31 (in Settlement Rule and/or Additional Data and/or Location). I'm looking for a way to mass control that all of those work orders have compliant WBS and not forgotten where they should be.

So I tried with IW38 and a lay out where we can only use columns as "WBS ord. header" and "WBS element". But it is not efficient, as it gives sometimes wrong WBS (meaning unexpected) in "WBS element" column while the WBS is the good one when I control directly in Additional Data.

Do you know another way to control with IW38 or other transaction?

Thanks by advance


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Thank you for visiting SAP Community to get answers to your questions. Since this is your first question, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with:, as the overview provides tips for preparing questions that draw responses from our members.

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