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Connect DMC with PCo

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I'm trying to figure out how to connect PCo agents into DMC.

So far I got the connection running between DMC and PCo. But now I'm stuck at the next step, creating or connectiong agents and subscriptiosn to DMC.
A lot of guides are either outdated or not available anymore.

And then I got a guide that links to another guide where I don't seem to have the right authorization to see the page.

Pre-configurations and Configurations | SAP Help Portal > Activate Shop Floor Elements > Deploy and Activate Shop Floor Elements.

When I click on the link to see it, I get an 'Not Authorized' page from SAP help. With no further explanations.

Does anyone have a good guide or know which authorization I need to see the page?

Thank you

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Answers (2)

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Hi Pieter,

if I understand this correctly, you have existing Agents in Plant Connectivity and want to connect them to Digital Manufacturing. This is not directly possible, instead you would have to create new "Shop Floor" systems in Digital Manufacturing after connecting Plant Connectivity. Subscriptions would then be e.g. "Automatic Triggers", and so on.

For me, the following page provides a good overview of the necessary steps:

Here you can click on the individual steps in the graphic and get information about them. In the following chapter ("Use-Cases") you will also find information about e.g. subscriptions.

Best, Noah

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Hi Pieter,

The link in the help documentation is pointing to a DRAFT version: (

Here is the correct link: (I just removed the /DRAFT part of the url...)

Regards, Steve