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Change production - Partially confirmed Qty (Simultaneous Group Routing)

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Hi experts,

we have one case by one customer where we are using Simultaneous type of routing (all steps in one Group).

On SAP ME POD partial confirmation is done:

Make Change production:

Based on Error in change production it looks that system is not allowing Change production in case operation is already partially confirmed and new changes are not coming to SAP ME POD.

Is it somewhere documented which cases are for Change production supported in case Simultaneous Group or is it possible to do some additional configuration on SAP ME level to allow this kind changes?

Thank you



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Hi Darko,

There is no documentation dedicated to Change Production. It was a very old functionality with a simplified design. Though, historically it has been incrementally evolving in a way to getting aligned to other adjacent functional features. Some restrictions were relaxed, others appeared...

Mainly, meaningful error messages reflect some basic business restrictions. But there are more sophisticated cases which can be found only in SAP Notes as results of enhancing features of Change Production, e.g. Note 2911275 with the same error message you observe.

All adjustable configuration which is available for Change Production is provided as activity rules.