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CG54 Office user - recipient not valid

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Dear Experts,

I'm currently setting up the report shipping process. I've got the basic flow working for the "Report Recipient" type. Basically, on the "Report shipping: enter parameters" screen, I enter an address next to "Report Recipient", specify a communication method and execute the process.

However, each time I try to ship a report for an "Office user", the system gives me the following error:

Enter valid Recipient (Message no. DV451)

So far I'm unable to find the root for this error, the office user has valid entries for files SMTP_ADDR and DEFLT_COMM in "User Maintenance" (SU01)

Do you have any idea what I'm missing?

Thanks for your help and best regards,

Christiaan Deroost

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Hello Christiaan

normally report shipping should work if one of these address types have been used:

· Customer (business partner, customer, company)

· Office user of the SAP system

· Report recipient

I have no experience in using the option "Office User". I can provide only some ideas.

Regarding the Business Workplace: refer to this document:

Because EH&S is using here the standard SAP set up.

a.) the "office" User is a SAP user. To my understanding not each SAP user need to be at the same time an SAP Office user: here I have no experience regarding further customzing etc. but may be the SAP user is not linked to an SAP Office user and therefore you receive this error message. In Addition the SAP user (which sould receive the MSDS) must have acces rights to the Business Workplace. May be further rights must be granted;

b.) I would assume that you need to configure somethere which document type will be shipped to the "office user". E.g. to my understanding you could define "Pdf" and the Office user should get a PDF; further EH&S customzing might be necessary (topic of bundling, cover sheet etc.)

c.) I would assume that in the background some basic SAP set up must be done (the Office user will get the MSDS in his SAP office using a "workflow"; I assume you have done that

d.) my suggestions would be that may be "authorizations" need to be checked. Sometimes the "error" message shown is not really connected to the problem;: can you start a "workflow" using Business Workplace using the the same user with which you start the report shipping? Can you start a workflow to send a document (whatsoever) to the SAP Office use?

I hope some of the ideas help you a little bit.


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Hi Christiaan

Can you clarife me on where exactly are you entering the address? Because you are saying that you are entering address for Report recipient and trying to send report to Office user. You need to first create the address for Report recipient on which you will ge the address no which you need to enter in the Report recipient feild.



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Hi Ravindra and Christoph,

Thanks for your help. We've checked all the settings as instructed but couldn't solve the issue. Finally, it turned out to be a program error... note 1401522 solved the issue.

Thanks again!

Best regards, Christiaan