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Carry Over Payment Plan on Contract Change Due to Supplier Change (Deregulated Market)

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We are looking to implement budget billing plans for customers who change supplier (Deregulated market). In this case we are the supplier and distributor before the supplier change. After the supplier change, we will only remain distributor, though will still have to invoice the customer for supply on behalf of the new supplier.

The customer had a budget billing plan before the supplier change and wants to remain on a BBP. Unbilled Budget Balance should not be released to the final bill however to be carried forward to the new contract and also the budget billing amounts should be the same after switch.

In IMG entry > SAP Utilities > Invoicing > Budget billing plan > Payment plan > Define Payment plan categories you will find the checkbox CopyDataSupplch.

Currently, using standard POD service methods, and we are able to change the contract on supplier change with reason 'Supplier Change' instead of standard move out. It ends the old contract, program then set the BF Fwd receivable/Credit = '1' (do not release) then creates a new contract however BBP plan is not created automatically on the new contract.

Anyone have thoughts of what could be missing?


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