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Cannot 'hide' plant id on incident

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We have copied locations over from EAM into EHS, plant assignment comes with this.

At some of our sites we have more than 1 plant defined.

Users have sometimes entered the wrong plant, so want to restrict them to only selecting a location from the available list. We have made location mandatory, and would like to make the plant either display only or remove it from incident completely.

However, if we do either of these the plant does not reset when we change the location - it still shows as the plant of the original location.

Has anyone else experienced similar?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Mr. Anderson,

I think you have two options:

1) Manipulate the Plant field based on the selected Location. In this case please take a look at the Determination "BASIC_INFO_ALL_SET_ADDRESS" assigned on the Node "BASIC_INFO_ALL" of the Business Object "EHHSS_INCIDENT" (Transaction BOBF). The implementing class is named:CL_EHHSS_INC_BINFA_D_ADDRESS. You can check the EXECUTE method and make an enhancement following your requirement.

2) Remove the Plant field from the UI. In this case you can make an enhancement on the WebDynpro Component Configuration EHHSS_INC_REC_OIF_BINF_V_FRM and simple remove the Plant field from the Group "Location".

Hope that it helps you.

Kind regards,

Konstantin Vasilev

Product Owner, Incident Management

S/4HANA Sustainability - Environment, Health, and Safety

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