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Bug in SAP MII 15.2 SP3 Patch 8

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We have two versions (15.2 SP3 Patch 8 and 15.0 SP4 Patch 11) of MII servers in our landscape. We have developed a transaction using 'Union' action block and it was working fine in 15.2 system. Later when we moved the project to 15.0 system, the transaction was failing due to the 'Union' action.

Then after debugging, we found that the bug is in version 15.2 system not in 15.0. The logic we used is to merge different rowsets into once single XML document. The problem here is, we had different rowset data with different number of columns and data type. So ideally, the 'Union' should fail. But in our case the Union action block managed to put all different type of Rowset to a single document. If the column count is not same in two different document, Union in SQL will fail and the same is happening in 15.0 system. Is this a know issue in 15.2 system ? Please let me know if anyone faced this issue.

Below is the transaction flow for reference.

(Both the SQL output will have different coulumn count and data type. It's working in 15.2 and the same is failing (which is the correct behaviour) in 15.0 system)



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Can you provide the scripts executed in the two query action blocks?

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Hi Mike,

The script is simple SELECT TOP 10 * FROM TABLE1 and SELECT TOP 10 * FROM TABLE2. And both the table column's data type is different. In my case, first query has 51 columns and second query has 40 columns. The Union output I'm geting is

[first query's output]
<Rowset> [second query's output] </Rowset>

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