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BOM Transfer

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Hi Experts

I was getting below mentioned Errors while doing the BOM Transfer

1)  In CS01 i was created the BOM

2) In CG37 if i checked in Work list it was getting Transfer error  as "No specification is assigned"  i was assign the specification. and executed

3) After Execution i was getting Error Like  Rating and validity area is not mentioned. I was checked in assigned specification for validity are found Ok.

Can you guide me in this regard

Thank you


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Dear Balajee

as the BOM topic changed a lot in the past more information is required to answer your question.

The BOM is related

e.g. SAP EHS BOM transfer classic, SAP EHS BOM transfer taking into account "SAP product and REACH Compliance Suite" etc. and I believe there is a third option using SAP Recipe Management

Which BOM / BOS Scenario are you using?


The set up of BOM transfer is different based on approach.

These are "general" hints:

You need to prepare a full set up of customizing to be successful. The BOM BOS transfer can lead e.g. to this:

You have one BOM with one "header material" and e.g. 2 item materials. Now you execute the transfer. The system can check if or if not a specifcation is present. If not a specification is created.

Now this is the "high level scenario":

Header material of BOM               =>               Header specificaiotn in EH&S (REAL_SUB)

Two item materials                         =>               two specification are created if needed

                                                                        A property is needed to stroe data: E.g.

                                                                          "Standard Composition"

                                                                      Two specification would be enteered in one value

                                                                       assignment; now this value assignment data record

                                                                       needs a "usage"

This usage need to be / can be defined in customizing etc. (refer to above link)


PS: BOM / BOS transferred is discussed very ofthe in this FORUM. Please check other threads as well; this might help you to get the "full" picture

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Hi Balajee,

I am not sure about your config.

you have to consider the Identifiers, validity areas, etc., to map the values from BOM to Bill of substances.

In your case, i can give you a hint to maintain the Rating and validity area in the specificitaion.

These can be maintained in the header level of the specification  - under "Restrictions" Tab.

at property tree level - under each value assignment level, "Usage" tab can be used to store the values.

Maintain the values -

Rating = PUBLIC

validity area category = REGION

Validity Area = REG_WORLD

try with them and continue with your process. let us see how it works.



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HI Kamal

I was given rating & validities  in each value assignment in property tree also. but the same error i am getting.

Thank you


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Dear Balajee

which scenario are we talking about?

Refering to:

3) After Execution i was getting Error Like  Rating and validity area is not mentioned. I was checked in assigned specification for validity are found Ok.

These are my questions:

1.) you have linked a material to a specification => Correct? Therefore BOM BOS will not create a new spec but use that found by material / specificatiot link

2.) you would like to execute BOM BOS interface in such a way that the BOS is created using the BOM. Correct?

3.) you have done the customizing regarding BOM / BOS intreface? e.g. to create a BOS you need to specify the "property" to do so. Which one you have selected?

4.) If I remember correct : based on the BOM the BOS is created. To finilize that you need to define a "usage" in customizing.  E..g. "PUBLIC / REG_WORLD"  => did you prepared something?

It is important that you explaine which BOM BOS version (refer to my explanation above) you are using as customizing ettc. is different

Classic BOM BOS is explained e.g. here:

Chapter: Bill of Material Transfer


PS: BOM BOS transfer has discussed often. E.g.

You can only use one BOM/BOS approach. e.g. refer to:

PPS: may be read cross once again: