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Black List for Customers

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Dear Community,

I am new in that topic and I am looking for a possibility to put some substances on a blacklist for certain customers.

Is it possible to populate such a list in order to avoid any customer orders on specific materials with the blocked substances?

Thanks for any help!

Best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Greg

because of missing informations I can provide only tipps/hints etc.

1.) your demand is normally realized with SAP GTS and not SAP EHS

2.) I am not aware of any property in the standard SAP property tree there you could maintain a relation specification <=> Business partners (Blacklist) which can be used in SAP logistic processes

3.) In this Forum you will find some thread regarding use of "hazardous substance master" (block of purchase order) but in my opinion this is not a suitable solution for you

Potential "workarounds" is like this

Prepare a material class which you need to populate regarding the materials which are relevant there you make the relation material business partner (more than one) per "blacklist" (that means may be you need several material classes). These classes can be used to my knowledge in the logistic processes after use of suitable user exits/Badis etc.

Pros of this solution: it fits well to SAP standard

Con of this solution: normally you are selling the same chemistry in different packagings which are nomally represented by different material numbers. Now you need to populate the material class of any of these materials (but there are suitable transactions in SAP standard which can be used to do the job)

Therefore in most cases this approach is not "user" friendly and to complex. And there is a further "but": Using SAP GTS you have the same "problem". Here you need to "classify" the same chemistry having many materials regarding this "blacklist" topic. In SAP GTS there are standard transactions available to my knowledge which assist you in doing the job.

The main issue is: you need a very robust process if you create new materials to classify them if necessary.

With best regards


PS: As you may be know EHS SVT is as well integrated in ERP SAP logistic processes; It might be worth to check if you could use this option because with SAP SVT you can as well block sales order, purchase orders etc. Normally you are doing that because if "quantity limits" achieved and not because of the fact that the material is on a "blacklist" of business parterns

PPS: I am not sure but it might be worth the effort: as you may be know in MM and SD process there are so called "info records" available. These are related to business partners and based on these a MM / SD process is allowed or not.

Refer to e.g.: (check e.g. regarding this topic)

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Dear Christoph,

Thanks for your very detailed reply! I appreciate it very much!!

We discussed that topic internally and it is actually also affecting certain vendor selection meaning some customers are also not willing to accept certain substances but also vendor's PO coming from certain vendors. For that Customers who have specific requirements in order to be more sustainable (considering the whole chain, even the PO'S of the vendors). So for that case we would use additional characteristic LOBM_LIFNR of the batch management and to use and evalute it through an User Exit and a Z-Table in the sales order creation process. The same we would do with materials - substances as you also proposed with the material classification.

You are right standard EHS processes (SVT) do not cover our requirement but are also a seperate requirement!

We thought also about source lists together with info records (source list mandatory) in order to avoid any PO's creation for vendors without inforecords, but this would not cover our requirement. We would only use vendors in the source list but without any relation to certain customers.

Thank you very much again for your valuable input!

Best regards


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