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BI content for SAP EHSM

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Can you provide the details of the BI content to be used for SAP EHSM. How this needs to be installed and other details if any

Thanking you all.


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Hi Chandrasekhar,

To enable the generation of analytical reports using SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW), you activate the following BI content objects:

  •           BI Roles

  The content objects are assigned to the following roles: 

    • SAP_BW_EHSM_PRC_PC – EHS Management PSS Product Compliance Queries

When you use these roles to collect the content objects for activation, collect the objects with the In Data Flow Before grouping.

  • Additional InfoObject Catalogs

  Activate the following InfoObject Catalogs to arrange InfoObjects under the SAP EHS Management (0EHS) nodes in the InfoObject area of the data warehouse workbench. 

Activate the InfoObject Catalogs with the Only Necessary Objects grouping.

    • EHS-MGM Common Objects: Characteristics 0EHFND_CHA01
    • EHS-MGM Process Foundation: Characteristics 0EHFND_FW_WFF_CHA01
    • EHS-MGM Process Foundation: Key Figures 0EHFND_FW_WFF_KYF01
    • EHS-MGM PSS Product Compliance: Characteristics 0EHPRC_PC_CHA01
    • EHS-MGM PSS Product Compliance: Key Figures 0EHPRC_PC_KYF01
    • EHS-MGM Product REACH Compliance: Characteristics 0EHPRC_CHA01

  •           Process Chains

  Activate the following process chains separately and with the Only Necessary Objects grouping: 

    • EHS-MGM Process Foundation: Meta Chain – Init Load (0EHFND_FW_WFF_INIT_P10)
    • EHS-MGM Process Foundation: Meta Chain – Delta Load (0EHFND_FW_WFF_DELTA_P18)
    • EHS-MGM Prod. Compliance: Meta Chain - Init Load (0EHPRC_PC_INIT_P004)
    • EHS-MGM Prod. Compliance: Meta Chain - Delta Load (0EHPRC_PC_DELTA_P004)
    • EHS-MGM Prod. Compl.: Meta Chain - Master Data Init Load (0EHPRC_PC_INIT_P005)
    • EHS-MGM Prod. Compl.: Meta Chain - Master Data Delta Load (0EHPRC_PC_DELTA_P005

  • After activating BI Content, check transaction RSA1 if all InfoProvider objects for SAP EHS Management are active (all objects under component 0EH). If they are not active, the system displays the icons in gray.

  If they are not active, perform the following steps: 

    1. Activate the DataSources (starting with 0EHSM_FND* and 0EHSM_PRC*) with the Only Necessary Objects grouping.
    2. Activate all MultiProviders again (starting with 0EHP* or 0EHF*) with the Dataflow Before grouping.



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Sunil, can you please provide a document name, where you got these instructions?

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you can check the official documentation available in SAP Help Portal page

Component Extension 5.0 for SAP EHS Management – SAP Help Portal Page

Check the documents in the Integration and Analytics section for the specific release version of SAP EHSM that you are implementing.

Regards, Brindusa

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Hi Brindusa,

I am creating a risk assessment report structure in BW system.

Risk assessment structure components:

1) Risk Assessment Type

2) Hazard

3) Location

4) Job

5) Job Status

6) JOB STEPS (Text)

7) Etc.

I couldn't extract "Job Steps" from the Job master data. It's necessary for my risk assessment report. But I'm not finding it in the existing fields.

Which field can I extract it from? or How can I add it to my report structure?

If you know it, help me please,

Best regards