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Better to Copy Existing and Upgrade or Build the Server from Scratch and Import the Project?

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We were acquired by a larger company and now need to point all our MII interfaces from one ECC system to a different one. In doing so we need to stand up a Development Server. We also need to upgrade our MII version. Are we better off cloning our existing Server and then Upgrading? Or would we be better off building a new server from scratch at the higher version and then exporting and importing the Project?

Or does it matter much one way or the other?

Cheers, Mike

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Mike,

I will suggest new servers from scratch with higher versions and then importing the project.

This will help with the following:

- Avoid any issues in hardware upgrade

- Possible new version of MII and related libraries

- You can build a parallel production system to verify the connectivity in advance.

It will need additional testing and setup but I think it will be worth in long run.

Thank you.

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That is what we decided to do. Thanks for providing your insight!

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