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Batch split abap development does not working?(Batch split happend but while saving throwing dump)

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Hi All,

I have Done batch split in mv50afzz for t code vl01n, Succesfully batch split happened , but while saving am receiving dump" Assert condition Violated"

For standard Batch split there is no error while saving, but for abap development showing the error.

I think am missing to pass something from LIPS or Xlips. Below is my code . Plz Help me

Move corresponding fields from lips to xlips.

move 900001 to xlips-posnr.

move lips-posnr to xlips-uecha.

move 'batch1' to xlips-charg.

wa_xlips-lfimg = quantity / Not lfimg of lips
wa_xlips-lgmng = quantity / Not lgmng of lips

wa_xlips-ntgew = netweight * no. of . batches
wa_xlips-brgew = gross weight * no. of . batches

append xlips.

lips-kcmeng = lips-lfimg. / Cumulative qunantiy of splietd batches

lips-lfimg = 0.
lips-lgmng = 0.
lips-ntgew = 0.
lips-brgew = 0.

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Where is the ASSERT statement that is generating the dump?

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