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Batch determination suggests same batch without reducing available quantity


Dear PP Experts,

I'm facing the problem with batch determination function that suggested batch allocated for previous component line.

order structure is below;

Order 100001 produce FG 10 PC.

  • Item10 Component RM1 = 10 PC
  • Item20 Component RM1 = 10 PC
  • Item30 Component RM2 = 5 PC

Stock situation

RM1 / Batch A / Quantity 10

RM1 / Batch B / Quantity 10

After batch determined for Item 10 and 20 system proposed
Item10 with Batch A

Also Item20 with Batch A

Can I setup to get the result like?

Item10 with Batch A

Also Item20 with Batch B

So far, I have to determine item10 first then save. After that system can propose batch B.

Is it possible to cumulate commit quantity to calculate the next line with same component code?

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