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badi_ehsrc_track_proc impl. not updating monitoring tables for PUR scenario in SVT

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In SVT purchasing scenario we are trying to update the monitoring tables for planned quantities(CCRCT_PUPL) and confirmed quantities(CCRCT_PU) respectively using program RREGCH_VT.

We are entering the below mentioned values in the selection screen.

  • Regulatory list : REACH
  • Scenario: PUR
  • Radio button : Delta Run

We have found a badi badi_ehsrc_track_proc called inside FM: CBRC_PUR_DATA_FILL which updates the monitoring table. Also for the definition for the badi SAP has provided an example class: CL_EXM_IM_EHSRC_TRACK_PROC which we are referring for badi implementation.

Inside the class it refers to a method IF_EX_BADI_EHSRC_TRACK_PROC~DATA_FILL which actually updates the monitoring tables based on scenarios. The code written inside the method refers to a lot of check conditions which requires to be satisfied before the tables are updated with the values.


Since we are running the report for PUR scenario the code checks whether the internal table X_PU_TAB or X_PU_DEL_TAB is not empty. But in our case no values are getting populated in either of the tables for normal purchase scenario.

We investigated on why the values are not getting populated in either of the tables. We found a FM: CBRC_PUR_MSEG_CO_FILL which is called inside the FM: CBRC_PUR_DATA_FILL.

But in debugging we were unable to find the root cause on why the condition tables were populated with no values. So we were unable to satisfy the check conditions inside the BADI implementation.

Kindly provide any pointers on this BADI implementation. Any sample code apart from that mentioned in the example classes would be really helpful.

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Answers (2)

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Dear Kapil

I need to look on this function now as well deeper. According "default implementation". you must activate one business function. Therefore: with out knowledge how you have done the job no additiona help possible.


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Dear Kapil

please list the customizing activities you have executed to do the SAP EHS SVT set up.

Please describe how you have scheduled RREGCH_FILL

PLease describe how you identify EHS SVT relevant materials; how you maintain the data in EHS etc.

In most case you need not to use the BADi badi_ehsrc_track_proc to get a useful EHS SVT set up.#

Do you know the SAP EHS SVT consulting OSS note in which the EHS SVT set up is decribed? Please check: Substance volume tracking in SAP EH&S


PS: EHS SVT is asked for rarely here. But there is a general document available:

May be check as well:

Here some reference is provided to other SVT related threads

PPS: may be check as well:#consolut - IF_EX_BADI_EHSRC_TRACK_PROC MENU_EXIT_CALL - Call Menu Exit During Volume Monitoring

consolut - BADI_EHSRC_TRACK_PRO - BAdI: Substance Volume Tracking (Enhancement Tracking Process)


PS: please describe content in tables as:

SAP Table CCRCT_EHS_COMP - EHS: Composition (EH&S Data)

CCRCT_EHS_REG EHS: Registration Status (EH&S Data) - SAP Table - ABAP


PLease provide information about SAP release you are using (SP status etc.)