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Attach a file in DMCe

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I need to know how to attach a file in an operation using DMCe. Is that possible? Maybe using data collection or a custom data field in order that an operator can attach pdf, jpeg or any file.

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Hi Carlos,

A Worker / Operator can attach files against SFCs using Data Collection or Non Conformances.

If you want files attached against Operations, then you can take a look into Work Instructions, which are not uploaded against SFCs during production by Workers, but to Operations beforehard.

To enable file attachments against SFCs using Data Collection, in POD Designer, you must configure Data Collection plugin and add Attachments column to the List under Plugin Properties option.

Once you do that, Attachment column will show up in POD during Data Collection plugin execution and Workers can upload/attach files against SFCs during the production process.

Files attached via DC against SFCs this way can be later on visualised in Product History Report (PHR ) app in Data Collections tab.

See the attachments. Hope it helps,

Best Regards,

Manoel Costa

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