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Assignment can't be made to machine

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Fabric production occurs with the combination of warp and weft yarns in the weaving department. While warp assignment can be made to a machine, this situation is not valid for weft yarns. Therefore, while tracking the amount of warp is done over the system, the amount of weft yarn cannot be followed up. For example, when 50 kg of weft yarn is sent to the Weaving Department, it is transferred via SAP. With the transfer, the yarns appear to have been sent to the weaving department, but it cannot be tracked in detail through the system until 50 kg of weft is completely consumed. This is followed up by an operator by visiting around 300 machines one by one in the weaving department and counting the bobbins every day. Since this process does not give the correct results, It brings some problems such as inability to obtain the needs correctly and overproduction. Also, this counting takes about 2 hours of the operator.

How can i fix this problem?

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Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Can,

this Q&A session is valid for the tag SAP Supplier Problem-Solving and therefore for a product that will be released soon. I am afraid that an answer towards the production process is nothing I can support you with in this group.

I would propose you to look into the SAP Help Portal ( for any information regarding your questions or looking into another Group.

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