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Assign Inspection plan group counter to required Alternative BOM

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Hello All,

Here is the requirement of the business:
A product has alternative BOMs and has different inspection ranges for respective alternative.
In standard SAP there is no link between alternative BOM and Inspection plan group counter.

Say BOM has 5 alternative
Alt BOM# 1
Alt BOM# 2
Alt BOM# 3
Alt BOM# 4
Alt BOM# 5

Say Inspection plan has 5 Group counters
Grp counter #1, Range 1- 1000
Grp counter #2 Range 1- 1000
Grp counter #3 Range 1- 1000
Grp counter #4 Range 1- 1000
Grp counter #5 Range 1- 1000

Manual process:After lot has created, task list will not be assigned due to group counter range is same for all counters so task list has to choose manually through tcode QA02.I am good with manual process.

Business looking for automation process so user exit EXIT_SAPLQPL1_002 implemented, ztable has created holding the values of production version, material number, plant, Group and group counter.

order holds the production version, after goods receipt, lot has created and picked the required group counter as per the z table data but status is set to CRTD, Observed that Inspection plan was not assigned to Inspection lot.

Could you please share your ideas.

Thanks in advance.

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