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Archival of cProjects - Configurations

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Hi All,

I am trying to archive projects using the transactions SARA.These are the steps that i followed

1. Run SARA

2. Enter CPROJECTS as archiving object & clicked check/delete button

3. Clicked the Delete Button on next screen

4. Gave the approppriate variant name.

5. Clicked on Maintain variant and selected processing options as production mode. saved and went back to previous screen

6. Gave start date as immediate and saved.

7. Gave spool parameter as LP01

8 Then Clicked on execute.

9. Clicked on job overview after execution and it showed a list of jobs. when i click the finished job and click on spool list it shows no list available.

Prior to this, i had set the status of the project from cancelled to flag for archival-cancelled.

my questions are

1) Is there any configuration step to be done for the archival process.

2) Can i delete archived projects. If not can i delete the related xrpm Item?

3) Is there any way to delete cancelled projects?

4) Is what i have done until now correct?

Thanks in Advance... Hopefully awaiting a speedy reply.

Best regards,


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Answers (2)

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I didnt get the solution but i got a quick workaround. You may run the reports DPR_ARCH_WRITE followed by DPR_ARCH_DELETE .

This solved my problem and i was able to archive the projects.

Thanks for trying to help


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Hi All,

I checked the Job list in SM37 and when i select the job related to archiving and click on the spool button (Display spool list) i get an error message saying No list available.

Any clues to what this might be?

If anyone has any clues to how i can maintain the customization for archiving the object CPROJECTS, it would be really helpful.

Best Regards,


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Dear Mazin,

I'm also facing similar kind of issue.

I have archived the files and deleted but in the status of cProjects are showing Archived-Cancelled.

Did u find the solutions for this.

Please help me if u have any solution.

Thanks in advance.



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Click spool parameter

select the printer

click on printer properties

Double click on Time of printing

Selct send to SAP Spooler only for now


now u will be able to see in spool list

hope u have done this settings ....otherwise spool list will get printed immediately