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Allow parallel processing of enqueued messages through queue monitor

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Hello Experts,

We are not able to process incoming enqueued messages from queue monitor parallelly.

Currently, if one IDOC message is getting processed, the others are saved in DB to be processed once the first one finished. This leads to a sequential processing of IDOCs on a first come first served basis.

Its hampering business process because few messages which are triggered from report production screen (OREDER_CONFIRM_BAPI) to post data to ECC are taking lot time to process as these messages are in queue because previous messages ( like LOIPRO,MATMAS) all are stored before this OREDER_CONFIRM_BAPI message getting enqueued. How we can prioritize messages to be processed or how we can allow parallel processing of messages in queue monitor.

If you have come across such requirements, please give your inputs.

Thanks and Regards,

Rudrakshma Bhowmick

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