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AFS item overview usability - duplicated material listings

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My users are having difficultly making modifications to orders in VA02. One area of frustration is multiple listings of a material number, as the find functionality (place cursor) is not specific to the grid value.

In the bellow screenshot, the various grid values can appear under multiple listings of the material number (ex 244879). This gets very cumbersome for large POs.

What we'd like to see is for each material number to always only be displayed once, with the full grid value list underneath it in the hierarchical tree (ex 244880).

This seems to be an issue with how the UPCs load and are assigned an item#.

Is there a way to sort the AFS item overview by material instead of item# to achieve this? Or is there a setting or correction to have POs load by material number? Or is there just a better way to edit sales documents in general?

Thank you in advance and i apologize for my ignorance! I'm sure this is a basic issue, but i'm a basic dude and could not find this as a previously answered question.

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It is not possible to have the items sorted as you want them.

In fact the same grid values can appear under many items with the same material but this is the standard system design.

I hope this helps you.