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Adobe LiveCycle Designer with base 256 encoded Datamatrix

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Dear SAP Community,

As part of our SAP Manufacturing Execution landscape, we are using the SAP-standard Adobe Livecycle 11 for creating the label templates to print our product information.

To fullfill a customer requirement we need to print certain product information (stored as HEX string in an SFC custom field) in base 256 encoded Datamatrix format.

I do see Data Matrix among "Barcodes" within the "Objects Library" in Adobe Livecycle Designer but found no possibility to set the barcode encoding mode at all.

Clearly it is not an option to tell our customer that the SAP standard solution does not offer and therefore they should change the requirement to all their suppliers too.

Is there any meaningful way how we could print a Data matric barcode with base 256 encryption?

Thanks and regards,


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