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Access to EHS data from system outside of SAP

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We are creating a Formulation tool in a SQL database with a Access front end which will need to use EHS Specification data and eventually push the Formulation data back into the SAP EHS Spec database.

I would like this new database to have Real-Time access to SAP data. We currently are using RFC connections with tools such as EASY-Expert and a external Rules based program Atrion as well, so I know it is possible to feed this data back and forth using XML files.

Any advice on how I should proceed and maybe some external tools for purchase that will help me do this.

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Answers (2)

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I am closing this question

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Hi Beverly,

it is possible to access EH&S data from outside SAP by using the standard SAP BAPIs (e.g. BAPI_BUS1077_GETDETAIL for reading EH&S data) which are RFC enabled. Another possibility would be to develop your own RFC enabled function modules in the SAP system and call them from outside.

From your access database you can use VBA to perform the RFC call.

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do you have example of VB code for call to RFC?