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ABAP: Master Recipe Creation - Material Production Version assignment issue.

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Requirement: Create Master Recipe, assign Material (Successfully achieved).

Create production version and assign it to Master Recipe Materials tab (Fail).


Below methods have been used in sequence from class /PLMI/CL_MRCP_BL.

CREATE: To save master recipe header data in buffer

ADD_MATERIAL_ASSIGNMENT: To save material data to buffer for assignment to master recipe.

SAVE: To create a master recipe with material assigned to it.

- this was needed because while using ADD_PROVIDER method to add production version the master recipe

should exist in the system else it gives an error (Master recipe NUMEBR does not exist).

CLEAN_UP: To clear the buffer.

ADD_PROVIDER: To get required data to buffer to create Production Version in Materials tab of master recipe.

SAVE: To save newly created Production Version.

ISSUE: Production version gets created and can be seen in table MKAL, but it doesn't get attached to Master recipe and Master Recipe's Materials tab is empty/ No Production Version Exists.

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