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Here is an overview of scenarios that involve MII are as follows and are based on the three pillars of I2P and for more information about what I2P is please see this Keynote delivered by Scott Bolick at a recent Manufacturing Event -

MII in Sustainable Innovations/Enterprise Asset Management/Visual Enterprise

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) RDS Landing Page and Solution Description/Overview Collateral:

You can use demo ID 8854 Condition Based Maintenance & Asset Analytics from demo store

Also, Here’s the new external speed demo for the CBM RDS:

Demo script is more for a plant environment so it includes equipment like pump etc and this is accessed via the SCADA/Historian layer that MII/PCo interact with and report from.

Another demo script you can use is 9022 Predictive Asset Management with HANA Live this is based on HANA Live analysis with SAP Predictive Analysis. It provides some great visualizations using Lumira.  It is directly connected with  Suite On HANA and in one of the plant there are 35,000 maintenance order and notifications.

Active Partners in this space with public material (Please comment below if you would like your material highlighted here):

Also, a really good article from a partner, Fujitsu, on Preventative Maintenance:

Highlighted Reference Customer

Here’s the presentation link that PG&E showed at the Mfg. CVN Event in Chicago this year around VE and Condition Based Maintenance using MII as outlined in the Fujitsu recording above: In Pursuit of Operational Excellence for PG&E Power Generation with SAP MII

MII in Operational Excellence & Sustainability

Energy and Environmental Intelligence. It is a HANA analytical application that integrates with MII (and Environment Compliance or EC if needed) to provide various energy consumption, cost and related analytics (at asset, meter, facility or corporate level) at various time intervals (15 minute, hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly…).  Yes, this means that MII can be deployed in a cloud and this is not uncommon to see in these types of scenarios.  For additional insight and materials the following links are very useful:

MII in Responsive Manufacturing (Aside the obvious use with SAP ME)

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solution captures real-time events from the shop-floor and enables operators and other technical systems to contextualize these events for business rules processing in ERP or analytics via HANA.  The SAP OEE solution overview is available here:

Batch Mfg. RDS (Also see attached presentation):


Reference Customers include:

Dunn Edwards: chemical

FMC:  (Life science/agricultural)

Cloud & Microsoft

Here the latest with MII 14.0 Blog on our Microsoft Partnership:
and reference architecture

Customer Content

Reference Material

SAP Manufacturing Community:

Finally, this should help to for general implementation architecture questions, which I was recently asked to update so stay tuned for an updated version:

SAP Manufacturing Implementation Architecture: The purpose of this document is to explain the standard implementation practices for Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence, Manufacturing Execution, and Plant Connectivity. The specific focus is around why and how to use the various products provided by SAP and the technical & business features of how they co-exist with each other in your landscape for maximum ROI.

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