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This document showcases the feature and usage of Shop Floor Design (SFD) in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for execution

The document takes us step by step showing how to use the Shop Floor Design in Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution.


Table of Content


Introduction to Shop Floor Design

Example Set-Up

Create Shop Floor Design

Define the Production Process





Introduction to Shop Floor Design


This feature helps us to create and manage shop floor designs. It is accessed via Manage Shop Floor Designs app (Shop Floor Designer) available under Machine/Equipment Model and Orchestration header in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for execution

(Sample Reference Screen only)


With the shop floor designer, we can model production processes. A production process can define the interaction between machines, actions and workflows that control the execution on the shop floor.

When a shop floor design is activated and deployed, the production processes are all translated into configurations and stored in the corresponding runtime environments.



Example Set-up


We will now showcase an example featuring usage of Shop Floor Design.


For our showcase, we assume that production order is released in DMC and SFCs are already in place for production process i.e. they are available in Operation Activity POD for further use.

If operator proceed with SFC start/assembly/data collection/completion – one would notice that operator can complete the SFC even if data collection/assembly is not done. To place a check on the same, we can make use of Shop Floor Design. It will ensure that operator must mandatory complete the assembly/do the data collection as per the process and then only SFC can be set to completion.

Below Steps will layout how we can proceed to setup the Shop Floor Design (against mandate of data collection).


Create Shop Floor Design


We open the Shop Floor Design App and click Add button to enter Name, Description, Type, Version to create it. Then, we are presented with option to choose from communication model or production process. For our scenario, we choose Create Production Process (Default). We provide a name to it, click Step 2 to choose a resource from plant and review it. Click Create button to create a production process.


Define the Production Process


We form the layout sequence as below

Elements -> Start (keeping trigger type as manual),

Business Service -> Check Data Collection (choosing conditions like resource/operation),

Business Service -> SFC Complete,

Elements-> End.


This completes our design. We can save it and return to SFD App to submit it for activation.


Shop Floor Design App will showcase the Design we just created under Draft status.

(Sample Reference Screen only)


Deploy the Shop Floor Design


Choose the Design and click Submit for Activation (as circled action in above snapshot). The status would change to Submitted. Click ‘Go to Activation Group’ button under Action header column of Design table. It will route to Manage Activation object screen. Review the Activation Object and choose Deploy and Activate by clicking the arrow mark on top right of screen (next to Deploy).


This will complete the deployment of your Design, hence making it come into effect.


Operation Activity POD 

If Operator tries to complete the SFC without completing the data collection, the system throws back message stating that DC parameters are missing as highlighted below.

(Sample Reference Screen only)




The above steps show us how we can create a simple Shop Floor Design and make its use.

Please note that Shop Floor Design can be used for much complex problem statements also but to begin with, a very simple example has been illustrated which fulfilled the use case for our demonstration.