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On November 14th Nestlé and SAP had a joint webinar about the latest developments in SAP Recipe Development: the new contribution view, which is also known as target driven recipe development.

How the story began

SAP continuously runs co-innovations with customers to solve their business challenges. One of the key capabilities of SAP PLM is supporting recipe developers with their formulation. We conducted many user interviews and workshops in the last few years with our customers about formulation.
Nestlé is one of our key co-innovation customers, they have put tremendous efforts into sharing their knowledge and experience. They also organized multiple end user interviews for input collection and validation.

Nestlé sharing their story with SAP Recipe Development

Nestlé has started their recipe management journey with SAP in 2003 and today they use the latest target driven recipe development capabilities for formulation.  They use specifications for ingredient, packaging and formulated product data; recipes for defining semi-finished and final products; regulatory data for compliance check, as well as handover of recipes to manufacturing. They have to manage over 700 000 specifications and 400 000 recipes in SAP Recipe Development  with efficiency and good performance.

Why did they rethink the way their users formulate? Nestlé has identified that their users need a usable and efficient formulation tool that is flexible, so it can be tailored to any product category, and one that helps them to stay compliant which also means seeing the limits while they formulate.

The solution

Thanks to the co-innovation with Nestlé and in addition many of our co-innovation customers, the new contribution view is released with SAP S/4HANA 1909. The new view allows users to see the ingredients, quantities, cost calculation and composition in a single screen. It also allows users to setup reusable layouts, so they only focus on the information they need.


Would you like to know more details? You can listen to the webinar here and also have a look at our overview presentation on the new capabilities here.
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