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SAP International SAP Conference for O&G Workshop: Milano Convention Center, Milan, Italy, April 2, 2019

In this hands-on workshop, participants will assess their organization’s current state, articulate their pain points, and learn how to apply Intelligent Asset Management to improve asset performance and maintenance. Operating companies need access to different types of data to improve decisions at the point of work execution. Many oil and gas companies lack a true ‘connected assets’ platform to effectively integrate all needed data sources. They often work around this limitation by manually capturing data; gathering information on spreadsheets, and reviewing readings on pumps and valves. These processes are time consuming and limits their ability to improve performance across producing assets, plants or rigs.

A digital transformation initiative can help companies utilize new advances in asset strategy, predictive maintenance, digital twins, machine learning and data integration, to deliver value across the enterprise.  This workshop will provide insights on the challenges facing the O&G industry in asset management and maintenance. Examples of successful customer initiatives will be discussed, to show how some companies are starting down the path of change, using technology combined with business process change to optimize operations. Tailored for the specific needs of the oil and gas industry, topics will include:

  • Operational Integrity & Maintenance

  • Future State of Asset Maintenance in Oil and Gas

  • Predictive Maintenance, Model-Drive Maintenance, Asset Intelligence Network, and other Digital Asset Technologies

  • Use case identification sessions on individual company needs

  • Examples discussed from the global O&G industry and customers in attendance