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We just completed a study with Technical University of Munich on “Skills for Digital Transformation”. As expected, the study shows that companies definitively recognize the increasing importance of digital technologies for their business. However, only 27% claim to have a clearly defined plan for implementing their digital strategy.

The study uncovered a significant skill gap to master successfully the digital transformation - only 17% of the respondents claim that their company has the personnel with the skills necessary. Instrumental to the success of an organization is a cross-departmental, deep understanding of both business objectives and technology skills. Business and IT departments need to become strategic partners, driving innovation and growth. With the digital transformation upon us, organizations are now faced with implementing strategies to effectively navigate this change.

Every organization should evaluate now which skills are needed to shape and win the digital economy and develop an effective enablement plan for business and IT personnel.  SAP has a broad offering from deep technical skills as well as advice from Thought Leaders how to master the transformation best on openSAP / openSAP Thought Leaders platform and the SAP Learning Hub program

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