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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The August 2023 delivery of SAP Enterprise Product Development was successfully deployed to production on August 25, 2023!

So, as you hopefully already know, many new and enhanced features are now available for all of our 11 capabilities. What? You don’t already know what’s new for EPD capabilities? You mean, you haven’t looked at the changes in the What’s New Viewer for SAP Enterprise Product Development? You haven’t already subscribed to get an e-mail notification as soon as an updated version is published on the SAP Help Portal?

Well, I’d highly recommend that you hurry over to the What’s New Viewer and choose the Subscribe button as soon as you finish reading this blog post, so that you don’t miss the next update. Go here to subscribe: If you want more information on how the Viewer works and how to subscribe, watch this video:

To give you a quick behind-the-scenes look at the magic that makes the What’s New Viewer for SAP Enterprise Product Development run, I had a chat with my colleague Pam Tabbert, the User Assistance Lead for SAP Enterprise Product Development, to find out more:

Yash: Thanks, Pam, for taking the time to tell our readers more. Are you the one who writes all the items that show up in the What’s New Viewer?

Pam: I’m only one of the people working closely with our development teams to make sure that our customers get the information that they need to quickly get up-to-speed when we deliver new features. We have user assistance developers working with our teams all over the globe, in New Zealand, China, India, Hungary, and Germany.

Yash: What exactly does a user assistance developer at SAP do?

Pam: We are all a direct part of the development scrum teams. We attend daily standups and planning and review meetings. We follow the development of the feature through all its stages: From the requirement to the UI mockups and then to the creation of the field labels and messages. After that, we create in-app help and finish up with the updates to the What’s New Viewer and the guides that are published on the SAP Help Portal.

Yash: How do you decide what to put in the What’s New Viewer?

Pam: Before we write anything, we do a lot of clicking around in the test system, checking out new features. We are the “first customers” of our changes and do a lot of research to find things that might need mention in the documentation and our What’s New Viewer. We’re always looking for feedback on the product and our documentation so if I could, I’d like to tell our customers how to give us feedback.

Yash: Go right ahead. How can the end user send us feedback?

Pam: Well, with the August delivery of SAP Enterprise Product Development, a new feature for giving feedback was introduced, right on the launchpad for SAP Enterprise Product Development.

Yash: So those people who have looked at the What’s New Viewer should already know about it?

Pam: That’s right. There’s an entry in there for the new feature: We have a new button in the upper right corner of our launchpad where our customers can type in a message about a particular feature in one of our capabilities like Collaboration or Enterprise Product Structure or Visualization. The details are also documented in our Administration Guide. Let’s put the link at the end of this post.

Yash: Otherwise, how can customers give you feedback about the information in the What’s New Viewer or the other documentation that you publish on the SAP help Portal?

Pam: When you’re on an SAP Help Portal page, a feedback box pops up that allows you to tell us, anonymously, what’s good and what could be improved. It looks like this:

The reader chooses Yes or No and then a dialog opens where they can enter more information. The more specific the feedback, the better.

Yash: Thanks, Pam, for those updates.

Pam: Just one last thing before I get back to work: We’re starting to deliver new features and changes in a monthly frequency for some of our capabilities, and we’re also publishing a preliminary version of the What’s New information about two weeks before changes are deployed to production, something that our customers have been asking for so that they can prepare in advance in changes. So, our customers should definitely subscribe to the What’s New Viewer. I can only repeat: Do it now!