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Most of the ideas are created outside of office hours and especially outside of corporate offices. For example, employees who are constantly traveling in sales need to stay connected with the company´s full potential of innovation. They can provide feedback on the current innovations and submit new ideas they just got during customer interaction. In SAP Innovation Management, employees can participate in the innovation cycle of their company also outside their corporate offices using a mobile application. This helps to connect the employees to the company´s innovation pipeline, especially outside the corporate offices. The mobile experience of SAP Innovation Management has already been highly appreciated by live customers. As for instance the mobile solution is one of the reasons, why Beiersdorf chose SAP Innovation Management to advance their innovation strategy (read full story here).

Alexander Ramin, Global Process & Application Solutions, Department Lead Innovation, Marketing and Sales at Beiersdorf Shared Services points out the high relevance of the mobile experience provided by SAP Innovation Management for Beiersdorf´s innovation strategy:

“From the company perspective, the availability of a mobile app was also decisive: Users can enter their ideas at the very moment of inspiration, meaning that spontaneous thoughts and suggestions don’t simply go to waste.”

In particular, the mobile app is an integral part of SAP Innovation Management, providing mobile experience along the following points of interaction:

  • Submitting ideas to the innovation community
  • Browsing existing campaigns and submitted ideas
  • Commenting on ideas
  • Voting for ideas.

Submitting ideas to the innovation community with the mobile app allows users to directly influence the company´s innovation pipeline from anywhere at any time.

Browsing existing campaigns and submitted ideas helps users to stay informed about the company´s innovation pipeline.

Commenting on ideas helps users to provide feedback to ideas from anywhere such as giving direct feedback from a customer meeting while being on the way back home.

Voting for ideas is the most direct feedback a user can give by liking an idea or using star rating upon it.

The mobile app can be accessed by any smartphone with a browser app installed and with access to the SAP Innovation Management system. This system can either be hosted in the cloud or hosted on-premise. The mobile experience offered by SAP Innovation Management suits perfectly the mobile workforce and helps them to have their company´s innovation pipeline at their fingertips. Finally, Beiersdorf is the best testimony of the high potential of the mobile experience of SAP Innovation Management.

This is a post of the Let´s talk SAP Innovation Management, which shall drive discussion about innovation management inside and outside of SAP. We are very keen on getting your thoughts and feedback in all aspects of innovation management.

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About SAP Innovation Management

The SAP Innovation Management solution helps companies foster innovation, capture it, and effectively and rapidly turn it into value generating initiatives that deliver continued industry leadership.

Comprising unique products, services, processes, methodologies, and governance, the SAP Innovation Management solution helps establish a sustainable creative culture that overcomes departmental silos and unleashes the power of innovation.

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