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For those of you out there that keep tabs on the CBM topic, you’ve probably noticed that the RDS material (SAP Condition-Based Maintenance rapid 7015912 -deployment edition) was removed from the latest publication of the master price list. No, your eyes did not play tricks on you. Here is a simple explanation.

With SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) being the sustained flagship product for manufacturing integration over the years, the SaKP team wanted to show its appreciation to the MII community (MII licensee) by removing the price tag for the CBM RDS content – this is the reason CBM is no longer on the price-list. While MII serves as a robust platform for bringing ERP and shop floor processes closer together, we understand that it is only a platform if without the application content that runs on it to solve business challenges. That’s where the RDS content comes into play. If MII is the cone then CBM and other applications like it (i.e., SCM, QM, ME, Batch Manufacturing, energy management and even CRM) would be the ice cream on it – pun intended. Anyway, this is not another blog on the benefits of the CBM RDS but to let you know that there is a way to get it for free if you are already a licensed MII customer. For technical detail on the CBM RDS, please visit my previous blog on the topic (link).

If there is just one takeaway from this blog, it would be that customers with existing MII licenses are only a few clicks away from jumpstarting a CBM initiative with no additional licensing requirements.  Here is how to do it and what I recommend to take full advantage of this free offer. Start small -- Follow these steps to install a proof-of-concept.

Follow these simple steps to download the CBM RDS content:

  1. Go to
  2. Look for the “SAP Condition based maintenance RDS”    
  3. Follow instructions in SAP NOTE 1746447 - SAP Condition-Based Maintenance Rapid-Deployment Solution to deploy

With an experienced team of two (MII developer and Abapper), you can get a quick POC up and running on your sandbox or DEV environment in a matter of days. For this POC phase, don’t get bogged down by modifications or enhancements – deploy the RDS as-is. See what it can do out-of-the-box in your environment, using your master and shop floor data. Have your IT team contact me directly in case you run into a snag here (email).

With a POC in place, you and your team can take some time to review the benefits of CBM firsthand and using the insight that only you have about your processes identify ways that final adjustments can be made to the solution to better fit your business requirements. At this stage, I would recommend bringing in one of our partners to get their advice on the additional requirements or strategies on scaling. Our trusted partners are always on standby to assist you at any stage in the process:

  1. SAP Consulting (Mention 50114730 RDS Rapid Deployment of SAP Condition Based Maintenance so your adviser can quickly assemble the right team to work with you)
  2. Fujitsu -
  3. Vesta Partners -

Ocensa (a Colombian pipeline company) was able to roll out CBM for the 1st wave of assets in just 5 weeks by adopting this approach.  At SaKP, we always strive to meet our customers’ needs by continuously streamlining and simplifying the process of adopting SAP rapid deployment solutions. In line with these goals we have revamped the process to provide you with the best solution adoption experience.