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Product and Topic Expert


In 23.11 Release, Line Monitor Last Indicator Value Plugin and Post Last Indicator Values Service were introduced, enabling the visualization of the latest / current value of shop floor equipment indicators in Line Monitor POD in real time with minimal latency.

In this blog post, we will see how to set it up and give it a try.


    • Setup Shop Floor Connectivity
    • Create Equipment or Assets and Indicators, and map them accordingly
    • Map Assets to Resources in Manage Resources app

See About Production Connectivity Model for more details.


Create a new Cloud Process within a Production Process Design, add a Start Control and create the following Input Parameters:

On the Left hand side under Services and Processes, click Select Services and then Search and Select "Last Indicator Value" group:

Drag and drop "Post Last Indicator Value" service to the Canvas, connect it to the existing Start Control, add and connect an End Control and map "Post Last Indicator Value" service inputs to the Start Control Input Parameters previously created:

Click Additional Options ("...") and make sure this Cloud Process is Published to Service Registry and Visible to Production Connector:

Save and deploy it:

Open an existing or create a copy from the Default Line Monitor POD in POD Designer app, add a new Plugin Container Control and add "Line Monitor Last Indicator Value Plugin" to "Asset Details (Layout)" page, mark the new plugin as Default and click "Configure Indicators" at the Configuration Panel of Line Monitor Last Indicator Value Plugin:

Expand each Work Center on the left hand side to see all the Equipment and Assets mapped to that Work Center child Resources and check which Indicators you want to display in Line Monitor POD for each Work Center:

Save and Open your Line Monitor POD, navigate to Asset Details page for one of the configured Work Centers and check that the Indicators are displayed with empty "-" value:

For testing purposes, manually run the Production Process previously created, while providing all the required Input Parameters:

Once the Production Process is executed successfully, the Indicator value provided should show accordingly in Line Monitor POD:

* The Asset ID information needed as input of Post Last Indicator Values Service can be retrieved from Manage Assets app, if using the new Asset Model:

Or from Equipment app, if using the Legacy Asset Model:

What to do next?

In this blog post, for educational and testing purposes, we manually executed a Production Process Design to push values to Line Monitor Last Indicator Value Plugin in Line Monitor POD.

Moving forward, you can make this process completely automatic in several ways, like for example by using Automatic Triggers of Subscriptions or Timers types, where you can catch tag value changes or schedule time intervals to read tag values from the shop floor and then call the recently created Production Process Design to push the values to Line Monitor Last Indicator Value Plugin in Line Monitor POD using Post Last Indicator Values Service.

See Line Monitor Last Indicator Value entry in SAP Help for more details and recommendations.


SAP Digital Manufacturing 23.11 Release introduced Line Monitor Last Indicator Value Plugin and Post Last Indicator Values Service, enabling the visualization of the latest / current value of shop floor equipment indicators in Line Monitor POD with minimal latency.

In this blog post, went through the basic setup and testing steps of this new capability, enabling you to create your own scenarios.

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Do you like this post? Please let me know in the comments section what you think. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Or, if you have any questions, please check SAP Community Q&A Area, or comment down below.

Manoel Costa

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Hi Manoel, 

This is a great feature , I loved it 😃. I think it give us endless possibilities in terms of real time monitoring. 

I noticed some details, though ,that seem to be a bit raw and would like to know if SAP is working to improve it: 

- The name of the indicator displayed in line monitor is the technical code instead of the description, without any possibility to translate in different languages, as it seems

- Even though there are different data types for the indicators , it seems they are all converted and displayed as strings (no units of measure or formatted dates)

- No possibility to organize or format the indicators in the Line Monitor, by sorting them or grouping in clusters, for instance

I would also like to know if the history of indicator values is stored or only the last value is kept and how can we retrieve it if not in the line monitor. 

Let me share with you the result of what i configured , I plan to use the start button in the production POD to fulfill some of the data: 


Thanks a lot a keep up with the excellent posts . 


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @raquel_fernandes,

great to see you love the Last Indicator Value plugins !

Regarding your features requested I kindly would like to ask if you could raise those as a feature request through the SAP Innovation Management tool ?

I can already tease you that some of the requested features we are already working on 😉

Regarding the question of storing the values: At moment they are not stored, we are working on a feature that stores the last 5 values in a Cache in the backend.

Thanks you very much,

Marcel Wolf

SAP Digital Manufacturing Product Management

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Hello ManoelCosta Good Day

I was trying to follow you steps, did the same steps as guided above, had successfully completed the Steps up to PPD (Production Process Design), i attached the Screenshot of Monitor Production Process, which does not show any error. But when i am trying to configure "Line Monitor Last Indicator Value" Plugin on Line Monitor POD, i unable see any Equipment's Indicator (Tag). 
Hope you understand my Problem, please let me know if you need some more information.

Can you please help me to solve this issue.

 FIY My Equipment's Indicator (Tag) is successfully Connected via PCo and Shop Floor and can read tag value by Read Indicator service in PPD.

Shamshul Arfin
SAP Digital Manufacturing SAP Plant Connectivity





Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Shamshul,

thank you for addressing the issue. I see two potential issues. One is that you still use the legacy Asset Central Equipment, which Manoel still described above, as at the time of writing the blog not all customer had been migrated to the new Digital Manufacturing Asset Model yet. 

Asset migration for all customer tenants was completed in March. Hence, to leverage Last Indicator Value Plugin, you will now need to use Digital Manufacturing Assets and their indicator mapping. 

You must select an indicator at design time of the plugin. In the screenshot you share, there are no assets and indicators displayed for the work centers. If you have Digital Manufacturing Assets assigned to resources of work centers, then please use the refresh button in the upper right corner of the indicator selection window in line monitor design time.

If all this is maintained correctly, the second potential issue can be that you lack the structure path when calling the Last Indicator Value Service from the PPD. In your screenshot I only see the data type being used for the service call, and there a structure path is missing. A structure path is requested to uniquely identify an indicator within an asset (as an indicator might be used multiple times). If you are using an asset type without sub-structures, the path is the reference name of the structure that contains the indicator. If you are using substructures then you need to specify the reference name path up to the top structure with reference names separated by "/".

I hope this helps.

Best regards, Harry

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Hello Harry,

Just wanted to say thanks for your guidance—it's been a huge help for us. Now we're able to track equipment value changes right from the Line Monitor POD, which is awesome.

Also, I wanted to mention that I've been following the step in that SAP Note (3378368) for migrating to the new Digital Manufacturing Asset Model. So far, so good!

Thanks again for all your support. See you later!

Shamshul Arfin

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Shamshul,

thank you very much! Great to hear that all worked well.

Just as a side note: with release 2405 we are extending the Last Indicator Value plugin to cache and expose up to 5 last values. At design time, you can define whether you want to make use of single or multiple values.  An example of the extended plugin is the following:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-05-15 um 17.37.06.png

Best regards, Harry