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Visualizations of engineering and manufacturing data is a powerful tool to convey intent to end users, staging and publishing visualizations can be time consuming however for repeatable processes EPD Visualization supports scripting to help automate and enhance EPD visualizations.



Scripts are written in java script, can access values from defined data sources and use the visualization api to do some of the following.

  • Rename visualizations.
  • Find last published version of a visualizations.
  • Copy associations from other visualizations.
  • Manage Authoring Seasons
  • Publish visualizations.
  • Change node names of objects within visualizations.

Go into the Fiori app Visualization --> System Administration


Scripts can be created and maintained on the scripts panel.



The scripts need to be written in JavaScript a web browser language that is fully integrated with HTML/CSS.

For those who are new to JavaScript or still learning, a good resource can be found at JavaScript Tutorial (

Calls and requests made in the JavaScript should pass information using JSON objects.

  • JavaScript Object Notation.
  • JSON is derived from JavaScript.
  • JSON is transmitted as a string.
  • JSON is language independent.  

For those who are new to JSON or still learning, a good resource can be found at JSON Introduction (

EPD Visualization script samples can be found on SAP Help Portal,

Writing a Script | SAP Help Portal

Scripts that are saved can then be referenced from and EPD workflow. A workflow can be managed in the Workflow Settings within the Visualization System Administration tool.



Import option for workflows that will be available to users when they're importing a visualization. The workflow will be selectable on Importing files to convert to an EPD visualization.


Publish option for workflows will be available to users when they're publishing a visualization. Saved scripts will be selectable on publish authored visualizations.


Running scripts on import is a useful tool to help normalize the data on import while running scripts. Running scripts during publish offers flexibility to enhance the view for specific user groups and business use cases.