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Three months ago, this Blog introduced the new capability Configuration Management in SAP Enterprise Product Development (SAP EPD) as an additional functionality for all SAP ERP and S/4HANA customers. Now an easy way to create snapshots / baselines is available which helps to document distinct phases of the new product development and introduction process.

Now the following features were added in addition:

  • Versioning of a baseline

  • Baseline history

  • 3D viewing of a product

  • Adding of attachments

Versioning of a Baseline

During the creation of a baseline, it can easily happen that an error occurred during the creation process. Maybe an important change number was not yet released on the backend side or it turned out during the review of a baseline that some changes were still required in the backend system. With this new feature of versioning of a baseline, it is now possible to simply create a new version of the baseline and do the upload from the backend system again - now with the improved data. This upload is now also documented in the new baseline version – and the review and release process can start again. The initial / older baseline version is still available to document the progress.


Baseline history

Many activities can happen for a baseline. Uploading of data from the backend system, status change, commenting, ... All this – especially the status change to a released status – requires proper logging. This is now available with the new history functionality. Here, every event of the baseline gets logged and displayed. The logging is supported by different icons per different activity like uploading of master data, status change or the creation or editing of the baseline.


3D Viewing of a Product

Not everyone knows all the products in a larger assembly completely by heart. Especially in the early phases of a development process, where not all items are introduced to the downstream processes. Here, a visual representation is helping to simplify the understanding of a product.

The geometry is originating in the CAD Systems, via the SAP Engineering Control Center the CAD files are saved as Document Info Records (DIRs) and are linked to the material masters. When uploading the files to baselines, the CAD files are then also uploaded (if activated). If all prerequisites are fulfilled (-> please have a look at the documentation below) then the creation of the visualizations can be triggered in the enterprise product structure app. The CAD files are then added to the processing queue of the cloud-based visualization service and are being processed one after the other.



With the uploading of the BOM from the backend system into a baseline, the attached DIRs including selected files are also uploaded. These DIRs typically represent relevant information from the backend system and are typically validated for example with a release status. In addition, there could also be supportive information with the aim to make the baseline more understandable. A meeting protocol, a note for a reviewer, a photo from a whiteboard… Such ‘lighter’ files can now be attached in config management with a direct upload from the local drive. As these files are of a different category than the DIRs they are listed in an own tab to avoid any confusion.


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