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Product and Topic Expert

Data Collection capability of SAP Digital Manufacturing enable workers to collect production process-related data, entered against Shop Floor Controls (aka SFCs) in Production Operator Dashboards (aka  PODs). It also allows you to validate the collected data against predefined limits (minimum and maximum values) and ensure that all required data has been collected, for example.

When a collected Data Collection parameter is out of min/max thresholds, the system can automatically initiate the logging of a nonconformance, which can automatically disposition the defective part to a rework routing.

In this blog post, we will learn how to configure the system to enable this scenario, having a rework routing assigned to a nonconformance code which is automatically logged against a SFC when an out of limit data collection parameter is collected.



  • A Rework Routing

  • A Nonconformance Code with the Rework routing assigned as 'Nonconformance Disposition Routing'


Open Manage Data Collections app and click "+" to create a new Data Collection Group.

Enter basic Data Collection Group header information in the Main tab and click 'Add' on 'Parameter' tab to add a new parameter.

Add a new parameter of type 'Numeric', make sure all relevant fields like Name, Description, Prompt and UoM are provided, enter Minimum, Target and Maximum Values, switch 'Override Min/Max Value' and '' to 'YES', inform a Nonconformance Code with a Rework routing assigned in Nonconformance Code field and click 'Add'.


  • Override Min/Max Value: If set to Yes, allows operators to save values that are beyond the range of the values defined in the Minimum Value and Maximum Value fields.

  • Auto Log NC on Min/Max Override: If set to Yes, the system automatically logs a specified NC code against an SFC when the entered value for this data parameter is outside the minimum and maximum limits.

  • Nonconformance Code: The nonconformance code that the system automatically logs against an SFC when the entered value for this data parameter is outside the maximum and minimum limits.


  • Only 'Numeric' Parameter Types are currently supported.

  • The Nonconformance Code should have only one disposition routing assigned.

  • The Nonconformance Code should not have any required fields to collect.

  • Nonconformance Code field is visible only after 'Auto Log NC on Min/Max Override' is set to 'YES'.

With a Parameter in place, click 'Add' on 'Assignment' tab to add Manufacturing Objects assignments.

Select the relevant Manufacturing Objects for which this Data Collection Group must be displayed in POD for and click 'Assign'.

With Parameter and Assignments in place, Click 'Create' to finalize and save the Data Collection Group creation.

Try it

Now that all the prerequisites and needed configurations are in place, open a Production Operator Dashboard (aka POD) including Data Collection POD plugins, like Work Center POD (Default) for example, and select a SFC that matches the Data Collection Group Assignment criteria.

Start the SFC and select Data Collection List POD plugin, where the recently created Data Collection Group should show.

Click 'Collect' to start collecting Data Collection parameter values.

All the Parameters which are members of this Data Collection Group should be displayed, and you can start collecting data.

If the informed parameter Value is out of min/max predefined limits, a Warning should show in the field itself.

Press 'Save' to save your entry, which is only allowed because of 'Override Min/Max Value' being configured to 'YES' for the respective Parameter of this Data Collection Group.

A warning popup should show, requesting for confirmation that an out of limits Data Collection Parameter is about to be collected, click 'Yes' to confirm and proceed.

At this point in time, an out of limit Data Collection Parameter is captured against the SFC and as per the configuration previously done, the assigned Nonconformance Code should be automatically logged against the SFC triggering this SFC disposition to the rework routing assigned to the Nonconformance Code itself.



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Manoel Costa